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September 2004

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Dam: A PLace Apart's Phantom Kisses
MASCA #: M-400/02
OFA #:

Sire: A Place Apart's Tri Ebony
MASCA #: M-395-07
: AS-19410G24M-PI



The Hurricane Litter
(Name coined by Sally Treat)

Links------> Ivan Charlie Francis Bonnie Hermine <------Links



2 Male, Red Tri & Black Tri

3 Female, All Black Tri



The Story of the Hurricane Litter!

There we were, in the middle of a state-wide disaster.  Two hurricanes, within two weeks of each other, decided to visit Central Florida, and there was a third threatening to follow up with a decisive third punch.  We were without power and all creatures in the house were decidedly uncomfortable, including the mommy-to-be, Kisses. 

According to Cheri's calculation, Kisses was due to whelp on-or-about September 15.  Knowing that we had some time, Cherí and I spent the evening of September 8th out, mostly in search of air-conditioning.. When we got home at approximately 10:30 PM that evening, we decided to put together the whelping box we had picked up so that Kisses could start getting used to it. Well, as soon as we started putting the box together, Kisses started to get excited.  She was pacing back and forth, getting under-foot, trying to see what it was we were doing.  Finally, Cherí took Kisses out of the bedroom so that I could finish putting the box together. Once that was done, we cleared the bottom of the closet and I set the box down. 

Well, no sooner was the box on the ground than Kisses jumped into the box and sat down.  She settled right in, seemingly knowing exactly what the box was for.  Cherí had to shove Kisses around the box so that we could put some towels down, but Kisses was still nervous and couldn't seem to get comfortable.  That is when I heard something I have never expected to hear, especially in the middle of a hurricane ravaged Rockledge Florida::

" Hey Eric, did you see that?  That looked like a contraction!"

Yep, Cherí, the old hand at this sort of thing was right.  The whelping box was put together no longer than 30 miutes before the first of our new charges arrived.

#1  Francis

#2  Bonnie

#3  Ivan

#4  Charley

#5  Hermine




Here's a Tired Mommy!



A HA! The Huricane Litter blows away yet another admirer!








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