Blackroot's September 2004 Litter


Blackroot Kennels is happy to announce that our very own Francis, has found a new home, newfamily, and a new name!

We are proud to present . . . Calli!




Puppy #1 - Francis

One pup belongs to us, the other to a friend. Can you figure out which?  
Note the White Tips and Copper trim? She'd be a dead ringer for her Dam if she didn't have the spot on her head, or the Flying Nun Ears!
Notice the blank stare? Decidedly Pre-Teen!  
  There it is! Smiles all around for Francis and Haliegh!
They say a single picture is worth a thousand words! Well, this one, and the next one, brought five very important words!  

What words were thay you might ask?

"And then there was one!"

- And another pup leaves the nest!








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