A Bards Song

by Maredudd Cymysglyd ap Cynan Dudwiol
Pencenedl a Pencerth, Ty Bonddu
(© 1993, Eric C. Smith)
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A youth stood alone neeth a bright full moon,
Believing in the words with no faith in the tune.
The words he understood brought no love of the flame
Against his desires the song never came.
The youth met a man who's way was to sing,
A bard to the faithful with the truth he could bring.
The truth of the people and the truth of the clann,
The truth of the seasons across the land.
The bard sang a song filled with love and pain,
A song out of histry bout his lord that was slain.
A song raised in anger and a song raised in praise,
A song of the bard and his bardic ways.
He sang of a cry heard across the land,
Of a banner raised up high to call forth the clann.
The clann armed with spear and the clann armed with sword,
The clann of the bard with a song for his lord.
The bard took the field with the clann to war,
That the deeds of his lord would live forever more.
The deeds done in valour and the deeds done with pride,
The deeds done with courage against the tide.
The bard was a youth and new to his art,
The battle cry arose calling all to his part.
The cry of his chieftan and the cry of the clann
The cry of his friend as his life's blood ran
With battlelines drawn, the clann faced their foe,
The Chieftan called the bard, a song to strike first blow.
A blow to strike their heart and a blow to their soul,
A blow struck in verse like the songs of old.
The bard took his place fore his clann's own lord
Prepared to raise his voice wielding verse like a sword.
A voice filled with music but a soul stripped of words,
A voice stilled with fear by the cries he had heard.
The battle was joined, men began to die,
The words refused to come as sword and spear raised high .
The sword of the righteous and the spear of the truth,
Found no words of faith from this bardic youth.
The words of the song seemed to shift and hide,
As the tides of battle turned from side to side.
The cries of his chieftan and the cries of his friend,
Sent shafts through his heart and his soul to rend.
Into the battle went his clanns lord bold,
To the heart of the fight went the chieftan old.
The chieftan of the clann and father of the bard,
The youth cried in pain as a spear took his lord.
Up from the depths came the words of his need,
The music from his heart and his will to succeed.
Calling for the wisdom and calling for the might,
Calling for the words to hold back the fight.
The notes of his song rose above the slain
Filled the air with song full of anguish and of pain.
A song sung in darkness and a song sung in fear,
A song from the bard who sings with a tear.
The lad stood his ground fore the coming tide
Singing for the father who as chieftan had died.
A chieftan often praised, a father now ever gone,
The tide of battle fell before the song.
The bard fell silent as the youth stood in awe,
The song had brought him hope to brave the musics call.
The call to sing of truth and the call to sing in praise,
The call of the song and the bardic ways.
A youth stood alone 'neath a bright full moon,
Believing in the words with full faith in the tune.
The song had filled his heart with a bright burning flame
Against all the odds the song finally came.

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