The following are Maredudd's

RePrint Guidelines

under which all works contained on this site may be reprinted.


Permission is hereby granted for the reprinting of any work found on this web site under the following conditions:

Note: For the purposes of these guidelines, 'any work' refers to any poetry or prose works written by Maredudd ap Cynan (mka Eric C. Smith) and posted on this site or any other site created and/or maintained by Eric C. Smith.


Reprint is allowed in publications put out by Not-for-Profit organizations only. Profit enterprises must seek Separate and Individual Release for each work reprinted.


A maximum of three poems from this site shall be reprinted in a single issue. All other works are limited to one piece per issue. In the event that more than three poems, or two or more other works, are desired for reprint, Separate and Individual Release must be requested.


Consideration given for this permission consists of one (1) copy of each issue within which any work is reprinted. Said consideration shall be sent to:

Maredudd ap Cynan
c/o Eric C. Smith
3140 Davis Rd.
Mims, FL 32754


Separate and Individual Release may be saught by contacting Maredudd. The conditions under which Separate and Individual Release is given shall be defined at the time of that release.

At no time will permission be granted for the Electronic Reproduction of any material contained on this or other website created and maintained by Eric C. Smith. Links to this material is allowed and welcome as long as the material is NOT displayed under headers, banners, or within frames/layers in such a way as to confuse the site upon which the material is published.

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