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Recommended Sources for Drum Tapes

A number of folk have requested that I include a list of tapes and sources for the same which is high in drum content. Below is a list of some of the stuff that I listen too as well as a few links to other web sites with further info.

Tapes of Instruction

Tapes for Entertainment

World of the Doumbek
 Daveed and Silvanus
 David Korup   and   Billy Woods
 5809 Ryder Ave.     822 5th Ave.
 Charlotte, NC       Longmont, CO
 USA 26226-8305      USA 80501
Seeds of Time
Eyes Behind the Veil
    Daveed and Silvanus
    David Korup and Billy Wood    
    (See World of the Doumbek)
Doumbek Delight I
Douombek Delight II
    Mary Ellen Donald
    Mary Ellen Books
    P.O. Box 411562
    San Francisco, CA
    USA 94141-1562 
Drums of the Oasis
Denis Kavemeier
      The Oasis: Denis Kavemeier
      12448 W. Cleveland Ave
      New Berlin, WI
      USA 53151
      Phone: USA 87106
Kesslar's Ultimate Doumbek Video
1812 Gillespie Street Santa Barbara, CA USA 93101 Phone: 888-719-1120  

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Links to Other Interesting Sites

Middle-Eastern Resources on the Web

Belly Dance Home Page
Lots of links
Veil and Drum
Baron Dur's News Letter.
Middle Eastern Percussion
Links to other resources.

Sources for Doumbeks

Mid-East Mfg., Inc.
Mid-East has a good selection at reasonable prices.
Tom Lee Music, Vancouver
If you can wade through all the other stuff, this site does have doumbeks, at least I think they do.
Tribe of Kings
This site hosts hand crafted doumbeks which carry the price of the same.
Percussion East
This site has some of the best prices I've seen on instruments.

Other Rhythm Pages

Kesslari's Doumbek Madness
This site has a few more advanced rhythms on it. (9/8, 7/8, 10/8, 11/8, and 21/8)
Nott's Doumbek Rythms
This site repeats several of the rhythms which I cover, but adds a lot that I don't.
Jeff Senn's Dumbek Rhythm Page
This site repeats and adds rhythms and also has a link to pages with graphical representations of the rhythms.

Miscelaneous Pages

The Oasis
There are several really good tapes out by this group.
The Virtual Conga
Anyone interested in the Conga? Here it is.

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