The Proposal!!

At The Barony of Wyvernwoode's event, Hero of the Chalice AS XXXVI, Brehyr Maredudd Cymysglyd ap Cynan Dydwal o Penllyn yr Powys, OP, did seal his fate for the rest of his natural life by proposing to his lovely lady, the Lady Chiere Gradhmuir, asking that she consent to be his wife. (Did we mention this was for the rest of his life? . . . Yes? Just wanted to make sure:-)

During Her Majesty Trimaris Queen Elena's court, Maredudd had his love called forth (So, he made it look like she had court business. Boy, was she confused:-) and read a new poem inspired by his Lady, Chiere...


... which culminates in his question:

"Will you be my wedded wife?"

(Everyone in court cried, especially Chiere:-)


He kissed her hand and everyone cried some more.

(and said Aawwww!)


Upon recieving an affirmative reply, he rougishly dipped her to thunderous applause!!!



Oh, and everyone cried some more! :-)

Except for Maredudd . . . :-)

So, did we mentioned this was for the rest of his life? . . . Yes? . . . I thought so! :-)