Hi, I am Lady Chiere Gradhmuir (mka Cherî Nichols), soon to be Chiere wreic Maredudd (mka Cherî Smith), and this will be an online record of our SCA wedding.

We will be performing a retelling of the story of 'Culhwch and Olwen', as found in the Mabinogian. While this is a retelling of Culhwch's quest for a bride, that being Olwen, the daughter of Ysbaddaden, Chief Giant, we intend to rewrite the tale to fit our personalities, the abilities of those helping us, the time frame allowed by Their Majesties Trimaris, and the tolerance of the audience:-)

Stay tuned for further information as this site is updated.

If you want a head start, read 'Culhwch and Olwen". Or, if you would like a less reverent version (Maredudd hates this one, I love it:-), try here.

This play is scheduled to begin the weekend of Trimaris's Winter Crown Lyst, Feb 15-17 AS XXXVI. (That's 2002 by the Gregorian Calender.)

-Chiere Gradmuir
(with some help from Maredudd . . .)


The Proposal!


The following letter appeared in the February Talewinds, AS XXXVI.


Unto the Good folk of Trimaris does your humble servant, Brehyr Maredudd ap Cynan Dudwal send great and good greetings.

It is my pleasure to announce that upon the occasion of the court of Her Majesty, Queen Elena, held at the recent celebration of WyvernwoodeÕs Hero of the Chalice, did I make proposal to my fair lady, Lady Chiere Gradhmuir, a proposal, which it is my even greater pleasure to announce she did accept. Therefore, let it be known that at Winter Crown this February, AS XXXVI, there shall begin a retelling of the Welsh tale of Culhwch and Olwen. The performance at Crown Lyst will be followed by individual acts at various events over the following six months, culminating in the SCA wedding of my Lady and myself. For the retelling itself, the story will be rewritten to suit our personalities, the abilities of those helping us, the time allotted to us by Their Majesties, and the tolerance of you, the populace of Trimaris. For more information, you can visit the following web site: <http://www.blackroot.org/cheri>.

It would please my Lady and me if all of our friends could help us celebrate our joining by witnessing this recreation.


Yours in Service

Brehyr Maredudd ap Cynan


The Wedding Tale
(or 'How Maredudd won Chiere as his Bride'.)