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Cymysglyd - Welsh for . . . well, if you really want to know you'll have to look it up:-)

Gwynedd - One of the Major Welsh Kingdoms throughout the SCA's period. Primarily the northern portion of West Wales (As oppossed to North Wales) including the Isle of Anglesy.

North Wales - The part of england below the Clyde River and North of Chester. The Kingdoms of Strathclyde, Elmet, amd Rheged were part of this portion of Wales. North Wales was cut off from West Wales in approximately 600AD, when the Saxons drove through to what would become Chester.

Pencenedl - Welsh for Chief of Kin. (Pen - Head, Cenedl - Kin Group)

Penllyn - A Cantref of Wales, sometime part of Powys, and sometimes part of Gwynedd.

Powys - One of the major Welsh Kingdoms throughout the SCA's period. Primarily the East-Central part of West Wales.

West Wales - The part of England that is today thought of as Wales.

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