The Feast Days of St. Dunstable.

Herein find recorded the Feast Days of Saint Dunstable, submitted by those who would follow in his devoted footsteps.

  • May 1, 1997
    • The first Feast Day of Saint Dunstable was declared and was held at the signing of the Charter for the Brotherhood of Saint Dunstable, a Guild formed by those of like mind and spirit in an effort to promote both the art and the craft of the practice and the enjoyment thereof, of Brewing in its many guises. Those Brothers, and Sisters, who were in attendance did lift a glass in honor of our Patron, Saint Dunstable, and are listed among the membership as signatories on the First Charter for the Brotherhood. <submitted>


To submit your own Feast Day of St. Dunstable, fill out the information below and submit it to the Brotherhood.

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Steven needs to work out the database stuff so we can track the feast days as well as allow for the browsers to automatically submit their own feast day announcements.

The info Stephen needs for the database are as follows:

Fields -> The Date(mm/dd/yy), The Person Submitting the Feast Day, A Description Field for up to 256 characters.

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